Orion mPulse 30 Micro Pulse ARC Welder

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The Orion mPulse

The mPulse power settings range from 3.0ws to 30ws, in 1ws increments—that’s 27 different power settings to choose from. The weld spot size on the smallest setting is nearly 1mm, depending upon your material. The largest setting of 30ws will yield a weld spot approximately 1.5mm in diameter, again, depending upon the material you’re welding.

The mPulse works amazingly well with Gold, Silver and many other metals. It’s a superior alternative to any solder application; and, measuring in at 25x30x40 cm, the mPulse takes up almost no space on your bench.

Our customers use the mPulse 30 for a variety of applications. Many glass frame repair shops can now fix broken titanium frames. Small scratches are easily smoothed over with wire and a round of welds from the mPulse. Any small metal application gets easier to work with when the Sunstone Orion mPulse welder is on the job.

How can such a small thermocouple welder machine do so much? We continually perfect and improve the welding technology put into the products we’ve been making for more than 10 years. Tailored to the needs of our clients, each Orion Pulse Arc Welder is a demonstration of why our products exceed the competition through research and development from our Ph.D. team of engineers.

How Does it Work?

Electrical Energy – Plasma Discharge

Micro TIG/Pulse Arc welding uses electrical energy to create a plasma discharge.  The high-temperature plasma, in turn, melts metal in a small spot. This process takes place in milliseconds. The process is clean and very controllable – perfect for intricate and minute welding applications on precious and non-precious metals!. Filler metal can also be added to build up joints and create strong and reliable weld “beads”, or weld seams.

The Basic Principle of the Orion Welding System is very simple.

  1. Attach The Grounding Clip
  2. Use the Specialized Microscope that is focused on the Welding Electrode Tip.
  3. Simply Touch the workpiece to the electrode and a weld is triggered.
  4. A Perfect Weld Every Time!

  ADL Options

  • Standard
  • Upgraded Green ADL
  • Upgraded Clear ADL (Newest)

The lens is positioned between you and the stylus and automatically darkens the lens during the duration of the weld. You'll hardly notice the lens when it goes dark because the weld duration is so quick. The lens assembly includes a holder for the stylus. You'll significantly increase comfort levels when you employ the Orion lens upgrade!

Are You a Permanent Jewelry Artist? Then you'll want the upgraded auto-darkening lens for the additional space it provides between the lens and your customer's wrist or ankle.

Microscope Options

  • PJ Scope
  • Orion Arm Microscope

The microscope portion of both of these is the exact same. The difference is tabletop mounting versused a swing arm mount.

The Orion Microscope on Articulating Arm is a great product for stone setting and intricate jeweler work. This microscope system should not be used for welding unless it is hooked up to an Orion welder. An Orion welder includes software that tells the built-in shutter when to close in order to protect the users’ eyes from the weld flash.

The PJ Scope from Sunstone is a self-standing, easy-to-transport microscope that pairs with the Orion PJ, Orion mPulse, or Zapp permanent jewelry welders. The PJ Scope combines a self-standing, sturdy base with an Orion microscope, helping every permanent jewelry artist clearly view and close jump rings or fine chain. 

Key Features

  • Premium 5x magnification optics help you see every chain and boosts welding confidence.
  • Automated optical shutter blocks harmful weld flash.
  • Self-standing base—no table clamp required!
  • Soft rubber eye pads provide hours of comfortable viewing.
  • Bright LED lighting floods the chain for better viewing.
  • Light and portable and ready for any pop-up.
  • Reduces bad welds and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Connects with Orion PJ, Orion mPulse, Zapp permanent jewelry welders.

Boost Welding Confidence

The PJ Scope’s magnification helps the permanent jewelry artist easily close a chain with high confidence. When you can clearly see the jump ring and accurately place the electrode exactly where it needs to be, you'll see better, consistent welding results.. Further, when connected to an Orion PJ, Orion mPulse, or Zapp permanent jewelry welder, the PJ Scope’s shutter will automatically close and shield the artist from harmful IR light. 

Portable and Perfect for Pop-up's

Weighing in at 7.15 lbs, the PJ Scope can be easily carried from one pop-up event to another, easily becoming a must-have tool for every permanent jewelry business. With a 10 x 6 inch base, the PJ Scope doesn’t require a clamp or hole in the table and can be quickly positioned and repositioned on any table or stand. 

Quick and Easy Setup

Setup is quick and easy. Simply position the PJ Scope on a table where it is easily accessible to the artist and the customer. Connect the PJ Scope with an Orion or Zapp permanent jewelry welder. Place the stylus in the PJ Scope’s stylus holder. Then use the PJ Scope’s optics to position the chain and complete the weld.  



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