Fretz, Tube Flaring Set

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The Fretz Tube Flaring Set is used for making bead spacers.

The Tube Flaring Tools are made up of four parts. There are three Split Tube Flaring Mandrels, TFM-1, TFM-2 and TFM-3. These are used for holding cut pieces of tubing of various sizes. The Mandrels are held upright in the Tube Flaring Base, TFM-1, to make the flaring process accurate and easy.

An annealed cut piece of seamless tubing is placed between the two parts of a split mandrel and flared by striking with a stamping hammer. Many variations are possible by changing the length, width and gauge of the tubing and then texturing with hammers if desired.

It is important to use the largest size split mandrel possible with the chosen tubing diameter.

The size range of sterling tubing to be used is 3.5mm to 7mm inside diameter.

The TFS Tube Flaring Tools for Bead Spacers Kit includes:

Wood Tool Holder
TFM-1 Split Tube Flaring Mandrel For tubing from 3.5mm to 4.4mm ID

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Brand: Fretz
Made In: Viet Nam

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