Chainmaille Pliers, Armor Heavy Duty Pliers

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Armor up like a Knight in Shining Armor! The Chainmaille Pliers from Armor are your secret weapon for crafting impenetrable chainmail. These custom-made pliers pack a powerful punch to effortlessly close even the toughest rings. Now you can upgrade to larger stainless steel and titanium rings without breaking a sweat. With ergonomic handles and smooth jaws, you’ll be forging armor fit for a king in no time!

  • Specifically designed for Professional Armorers
  • Extra leverage to easily close large stainless steel & titanium rings
  • Smooth jaws prevent damage to your rings
  • Ergonomic handles provide comfort and control
  • Available in 3 styles to suit your project

Crafting chainmail just got a whole lot easier. Say goodbye to sore hands and damaged rings. The Chainmaille Pliers from Armor are a game changer for both novice and expert mailers, letting you create intricate patterns with even the most stubborn metals. Your inner knight will thank you!

For size comparison, the ring in the photos is 14AWG with a 6.7mm ID

Style 1: Wide Mouth – Tip With: 0.41”/10.5mm
Style 2: Tapered (1 side) – Tip Width 0.12”/3.0mm
Style 3: Double Tapered - Tip Width 0.14”/3.5mm

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